Welcome to my website, the website of your representative in Berlin

In the following pages, I would like to inform you. About us, the alternative for Germany, about me, Dietmar Friedhoff (Member of the Bundestag for the AfD in the 43rd electoral zone) and about my goals. My goals and certainly your goals, for our country and the people who live here. In doing so, I, Dietmar Friedhoff, am not presenting you a new party in the classical sense (there are already enough of them), but rather a party that sees itself more as a citizens’ movement. A citizens’ movement that recognized that many people in Germany have lost confidence in the political elite and the parties that represent it.

That takes courage. The courage to recognize and express truths. Our nation is more than ever in danger of losing its fundamental order of democratic freedom and values. The established parties are transforming our country into a party state in which the power of politicians is increasing – or better still, developing – but in which the rights of citizens are diminishing day by day. I, Dietmar Friedhoff, will do everything in my power to avoid that. I am fighting for the restoration of Germany as a free, social and peaceful country with free citizens, a country in which the law of force must not prevail, but rather the right of the people as sovereign and the Basic Law.

The opening of borders destabilizes our social fabric and our security. Intended alienation changes our unity and culture every day. The gender madness and the ideological madness of the 68s are eroding the last foundation of our society: the family, your family, my family and all other families in our country. The big picture, a European superstate, must be created according to the political elite. But I, Dietmar Friedhoff, am fighting for a Europe of sovereign nation states, for a Europe of homelands, where the mother tongue is cultivated and families have a secure future.

And this is exactly what I, Dietmar Friedhoff, defend and raise my voice against this existing political madness and against these political lies of a caste of politicians who protect themselves. Because Germany needs us, the AFD. And Germany needs you brave citizens. And finally, Germany needs people like me who want to be the face of the movement and the voice of the voters. Ready to give everything to keep our country livable and friendly. For our parents, for us and for our children. For our freedom in the most beautiful country in the world, Germany.

You are heartily greeted by
your Dietmar Friedhoff
Member of the Bundestag for the AfD in the constituency 43